Weekly Events

Biweekly Tafseer Session (2nd/4th)

Tafseer class is held on every weekend and has a decent and consistent number of people participating each week. The objective of Tafseer class is to increase knowledge about Islam and encourage knowledge sharing among participants.

Biweekly Halal Night (1st/3rd)

Ever wanted to be part of the Muslim community at RIT. Well then join our bi-weekly general body meeting There will be games, interesting discussions, and food! If you want to know more about MSA and our plans for the year, or if you just want to learn more about Islam, you are welcome to attend.

Foodlink Drive

Want to help give out food to the needy or homeless? Join MSA as they gather volunteers bi-weekly to go to 15th Hudson Avenue, Rochester NY and donate food provided by the compnay, Foodlink.

Biweekly Friday Imam Night (2nd/4th)

MSA host a weekly lecture series, in which we invite religious scholar to talk about different aspect of life and we highly encourage our Muslim students on campus to come to this event, and bring questions for Imam about things they are not sure.


Past Events

Laugh and Dine Eid Dinner 2014 Gallery

Laugh & Dine Event

In conjunction with the Eid-ul Adha celebration, we gathered with family and friends by having a dinner and entertainment event. Muslim comedians were invited; Preacher Moss in 2011, Baba Ali in 2012, Omar Regan in 2013 and Azhar Usman this year. This was a great day for many Muslims to come together and enjoy our holy holiday. Funds raised from this event were charitably donated as humanitarian aid to countries such as Pakistan, Syria and Burma through Islamic Relief. As Muslims come together, our community becomes stronger.

Cultural Interpretations: Islam in the Modern World

Promoting awareness about Islam, Muslim Student Association, Global Union, and  Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity invited Muslims and non-Muslims to come learn about how different cultures incorporate Islam into their daily live. The audience were engaged in the presentation by participating in an activity that focused on breaking down the misconceptions about Islam as well as Muslims.

Mary's Place

Mary's Place is a non-profit refugee outreach center in Northwest Rochester, NY. RIT MSA frequently took trips there for a few hours every month to spend time with children and participate in various activities such as soccer, making arts and crafts and playing with musical instruments.

Repainting of Islamic Mural

The Islamic Mural located in the dorm side tunnels was vandalized several years ago. Brought to the attention by RIT MSA advisor, Rauf Bawany, RIT MSA  were able to get proper funding to repaint the mural as a representation of what Islam means to them.

Interfaith Dialogue

RIT students of various religious groups meet together to discuss and present their faiths  in hopes of better understanding different religions. This events provides a great opportunity to clear misconceptions and to see how religion is incorporated in a student's life.